Updating OpenPlotter

From OpenPlotter version 0.10.0, you can update your installation without need of burning a new SD card.

Be sure you are connected to Internet and go to Updates in the OpenPlotter main menu.

You can update OpenCPN and plugins to the latest stable releases.

There you can update OpenPlotter to either a beta or to an stable version. Once you have updated from an stable version to a beta version you can not go back to the stable version and you have to keep updating the beta until a stable version is reached.

OpenPlotter will check if you need to do a minor or a major update and it will do all the work for you.

Version numbering

OpenPlotter releases have three numbers: a.b.c (v0.9.0, v0.10.0...) and a word (alpha, beta and stable).

When c increases, there is a minor change and means that only the OpenPlotter code has changed.

When b increases, there is a major change and means that other packages or dependencies need to be added or updated.

When a increases, there is an upgrade and means that Raspbian needs to be upgraded. In this case probably a new OpenPlotter image will be released and we recommend to burn a new SD card. You will be able to update OpenPlotter from the menu too but some parts may not work as expected.

Alpha means that some parts still need development.

Beta means that all parts have been developed and there are not fatal errors but they need to be tested by users in different scenarios. Text will be translated from English into other languages on this stage.

Stable means that OpenPlotter code and dependencies have already been tested and there are not errors.

You can know what version you are running selecting the option About in Help menu.

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