Sending data to the autopilot

The autopilot has to be setup

Click on add (or double click on auto_ap).

Click on AP examp to load default settings for autopilot.

Select port ttyOP_AP

in Filter: What sentences are allowed to be received from the autopilot to OpenPlotter/kplex.

Most autopilots have there own fluxgate compass and rudder angle sensor. These data can be used from OpenPlotter.

More important is the

out Filter: What sentences are allowed to be send from OpenPlotter/kplex to the autopilot.

It is important to filter the sentences to reduce the transfer volume. NMEA0183 autopilots work normally with 4800 bauds. There's only space for a few sentences.

Which sentences are important?

  • RMB (way to selected waypoint send from a chartplotter)

  • RMC (minimum GPS data)

  • VHW (waterspeed and heading)

  • VWR (wind)

  • sometimes APA and APB

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