NMEA 0183 to USB converter

If you have electronics with NMEA 0183 outputs on board (depth, wind, heading...), you will need an USB converter to connect it to OpenPlotter. Additionally, if this converter is bi-directional, you will be able to talk to electronics with NMEA 0183 inputs like the autopilot.

The NMEA 0183 hardware standard uses RS422 connectors but you may find some devices with RS232 as well. Find out about what type of connection you need. In general, if you have a TX+ and a TX- and/or a RX- and RX+ you have a RS422 interface. If you ave a RX and a TX and a ground you have an RS232 interface.

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See NMEA 0183 chapter to configure NMEA 0183 to USB converters.

[1] http://shop.sailoog.com

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