NMEA 0183 generator

The generator is able to generate nmea sentences from SignalK values.

For example you have the value of the water temperature "environment.water.temperature" and you want to generate a NMEA 0183 sentence.

Open the window "NMEA 0183 generator" by selecting Tools->NMEA 0183 generator

Press "add"

Select the type of NMEA "Sentence" you want to generate. For the example it is MTW. It should look like this:

Important: the SignalK value will be converted from Kelvin to Celsius.

Other values can also be converted from SignalK to NMEA 0183.

When you press OK, you get back to this window.

Opencpn sentences

To create the standard sentences for opencpn press "opencpn default" (It does only work if the list is empty!)

These SignalK values will be used:







Use Diagnostic

To see/debug the result of your generated sentence go to NMEA0183 tab.

Select the line system or opencpn then click the diagnostic button.

The generated sentence should be send in the time interval (Rate) you selected.

An alternative is to

Generate NMEA0183 sentences from SignalK-server

Enter the SignalK Plugins from a browser by:



Here you activate and select some NMEA0183 sentences. The performace is better than the NMEA 0183 generator from OpenPlotter but you have no chance to use other values, units, corrections or calculations.

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