Here you can activate reactions on events.

An event can be:

  • SignalK data or timestamp or source
  • Date

typical examples for events

If GPIO inputs are setup. They are displayed in SignalK (Diagnostic) when status changed.

An event can be:

  • pushing a buttom which is connected to GPIO
  • if a temperature rises over a level
  • if the pressure drops under a level
  • if a Signal K data wasn't updated in a time (lost)
  • if the tank level drops under a level
  • if battery voltage drops under a level
  • if depth is lower then a level
  • if speed is higher then a level
  • ...

The action which is triggerd when the event occurs can be:

  • play a sound (alarm, ...)
  • Set Signal K key value (GPIO, alarm, ...)
  • show message
  • any command (some commands can be directly taken from the list. Command line commands must be entered)

An example with temperature. When Temperature rises over 25 °C you want to be warned by a Message and a Signal K notification key should get the value 1.

If the temperature drops under 24 °C a warning message should pop up and the notification key should get value 0.

(don't forget that Signal K values are in SI unit in this case Kelvin)

This example demonstrates the usage

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